Monday, October 21, 2013

Glottolog: A Great Source for Ancient Language Bibliography

A friend recently brought to my attention.  It is a world language reference website that includes some really helpful bibliographies.  Each language is assigned a unique "glottocode" and is organized according to its language family.  The entries for each glottocode include bibliographies for that language.  A few that might be particularly interesting to you:

geez1241 (Ge'ez)

lati1261 (Latin)

anci1242 (Greek)

anci1244 (Ancient Hebrew)

sama1313 (Samaritan)

ugar1238 (Ugaritic)

aram1259 (Aramaic; with further sub-categories of Eastern Aramaic, Western Aramaic, and Old Aramaic, and those sub-categories are broken down even further into categories like Mandaic)

clas1252 (Classical Syriac)

akka1240 (Akkadian)

hitt1242 (Hittite)

copt1239 (Coptic)

arab1395 (Arabic)

clas1249 (Classical Armenian)

saba1279 (Sabaean)

chur1257 (Church Slavonic)

oldg1224 (Old Georgian)

There are a lot more languages listed there.  Check out the site, navigate through their language trees, do some searches, and see what you find!  Let me know what the most interesting language you encounter on there is.


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