Monday, March 5, 2018

What time did the devil fall?

 In case you've ever wondered exactly when the devil and his buddies fell from heaven, an Ethiopic text provides the answer. The Miracles of Jesus narrates the fall of the devil and his angels, telling us:

ወኮነ ፡ ድቀቶሙ ፡ በሳድስ ፡ ዕለት ፡ ወበሣልስ ፡ ሰዓት ፨  

"And their fall was on the sixth day and in the third hour."

Compare this with the Cave of Treasures:

"He was cast down and fell, he and his whole rank, on Friday, the sixth day, and their fall from heaven lasted for three hours" (3:3; trans. Alexander Toepel).